Sunday, 22 January 2017


It's funny how when you upload a picture onto your blog, you can have varying results. Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised that it actually looks better on my blog than in real life and sometimes the opposite! While I was very pleased with my picture Let it snow (created mainly for the song challenge over at the Craft Barn, now I have uploaded it onto my blog, all I notice is the doodled 'beard'!! I doodled around the whole of the girl and I like the look of it but not when it makes her look 'gruff'!! Hehe, well never mind, one to learn by.

I was especially pleased because this picture started off as a humble gelli-print - lots of blues, white, red and pink - you can see the circle stencil under her scarf and all the white lines created by placing cardboard on my gelli plate first before I took a print.
Anyway, I do like her teddy bear/sea-lion winters hat with the white embossed bobbles.
The snowflakes are also embossed and shiny from the Visible Image snowflake stamp set.
....and Dean Martin's name has been added as one of the singers of the song at the bottom - this is an added rule of the comp.

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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Silver and gold journal page

I love my much! Just had to say......

So, after spending a happy hour creating lots more pages of gelli prints, I had a quiet word with myself. Whilst I do love creating and then, sitting and admiring all the prints and then usually using a fair few of them. I did think, what I really need to do is have a gelliprint background in my journal. Wouldn't that be so nice, to turn over a new page in my dylusions journal and find some colour already there, instead of a blank page!
Well, that got me thinking...I found some good quality thick paper, torn out from my daughter's unfinished art book from last year (oops, naughty mummy, well at least I'm saving those blank pages!) - I thought, what if I make my own journal, with a few pages dedicated for arty stuff each month - not too onerous, plus I can pre gelli print them (love that) and then sometimes take inspiration from some challenge themes. It's enough to keep me busy but not too much!
I will have the year to find out how to bind them - now that will be challenge!

Anyway, this is a page out of my new journal - love that it is still only a piece of paper, it's so much easier working on one sheet of paper instead of in a book I find!
So this is tying in a gold and silver theme they have going on over at the That's Crafty blog, plus it's still only January and 'the possibilities' of creating anything this year 'are endless'!!

I doodled the quote and painted inside the letters with my gold Dina Wakley Media paint, love this! Plus I love the January stencil with silver paint dabbed onto a black background turned out.

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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

January snow

So, this year over at the Craft Barn blog they have a new challenge for the year. Each month, we will be asked to make a piece of art depicting the 12 months of the year from a special poem written by Sara Coleridge.
I originally saw this challenge, went away and after forgetting a crucial part of it, produced my Cookie in the snow post from yesterday.... as I re-read the challenge, I realised that the art needed to have a welly and a bird in it.....doh!
After giving it some thought today as to how I would go about it for the second time, I really wanted each picture to have some similar thread running through them - so I've decided to try a little watercolour, for the first time.... I guess it will involve some drawing but hopefully just basic stuff.
The picture is only 10cm by 10cm - I've also used some white WOW embossing powder for the snow and snowflakes - I think the boots look more like Ugg boots than wellies but it's the best I can draw.

I enjoyed using the watercolour - it will be nice to have the excuse to practise a bit more throughout the year.

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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Cookie in Winter

Although it isn't snowing outside, we have had a covering from Jack Frost the last few days. I won this little Paperartsy flying monster stamp in a competition where I had to name her.....I chose Cookie, that tummy doesn't come from eating lettuce you know......
Well, even though she looks like a piggie, I like to pretend that she is my cat, who seems to have that face of 'disdain' when she too is walking through the frost!

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Monday, 2 January 2017

Partridge in a Pear Tree

Happy New Year to everyone in the crafting world!

I have finally finished my Alphabet Challenge Journal - every single letter of the alphabet completed (just in time) - such a lovely memory of my first year as a craft blogger in amongst a world of extremely, encouraging craft bloggers - thank you everyone that has given me words of advice and positive feedback throughout 2016.

My very last page ended up as a double spread, partly as a way to properly finish the journal but mainly because I thought that I could go a bit more crazy with the size of the tree! The 5 glittery pears are just hand drawn and cut out of sparkly paper and seeing as I didn't have a partridge stamp... I just had to do my best at drawing something from the internet. Lots of fun with practising shading the tree using paints, luckily I made lots of stamped Jofy leaves to hide some spots.

I would love to make a montage of all the pictures that are included in my journal, but this is beyond my computer skills at the moment! Maybe I will come back and do that at some point in the year.

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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

M for Map

Only 5 more sleeps to go until CHRISTMAS DAY!!!!! How exciting is that?!

Well we are nearing the very end of the Craft Barn Alphabet Challenge and I have to say that I'm pretty proud of managing to keep up and hand something in on time...every time. What a real sense of satisfaction it gives you, especially looking through the pages of my book. 
Well seeing as I've probably only started properly crafting like this for a year and a half, I can officially say I have caught the crafting bug......even received an early Christmas present from my husband.... a crafting table, mainly so that our dining table isn't covered with my 'stuff' anymore ... hehe! I will properly get it set up after guests have gone and we've got the room to put it up but he wants me to paint it a colour at the moment (just a white primer on it so far) but I'm sure that I will be too desperate to start filling the shelves and using the surface!! Not too sure what sort of paint to use on it either (it's made from MDF), I think something hard wearing but obviously not my crafting paints!

Well, here is my M for Map picture. I glued down a large page from an old atlas (knew it would come in handy one day!). Then just gessoed over it, adding some texture paint mixed with brown paint and scraped through a stencil to create some height for the Peak District underneath! Didn't actually think about what page I had torn out but have since learnt that they have a 'Leek' in the Peak District National Park!!
Ok, off to quickly start on the final page before the mayhem of Christmas takes over - Happy Christmas everyone!

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Friday, 9 December 2016


We are so close to Christmas now and I decided to choose a festive word so I could use my new Visible Image snowflake stamp set! This will be entered into the Craft Barn Alphabet Challenge - letter obviously Y. I like the way the white embossing on the snowflakes really pop against the blue background.

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