Sunday, 15 October 2017


When are posts like buses?
When you blog two in two days after a silence of 4 months!

Quite got into making a few bookmarks - it seems a nice slow way back into crafting after a long time away. Enough space to play around with but not too big - also if it all goes wrong, it's ok to chuck.
Happy with this one though - love the colour scheme - red and gold. I've embossed red, glittery splatters around the outside and the little round antennaes in a gold embossing powder. Just love this little zini monster from Paperartsy, such lovely stamps. 
Tried out my crackle glaze, not adept with it yet and each time I do use it, I decide that maybe I need to lay a thicker layer on!
Anyway, I have decided to enter this little munchkin into the Paperartsy challenge as well, the photo doesn't actually show just how much the bookmark glitters in the sun.

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Saturday, 14 October 2017

Stay Curious

Wow, can't believe that I haven't posted anything since May! 
Life and the garden seems to take over during the summer months and the time flies by.
Whilst I am still looking through various art blogs during lunch breaks and over cups of tea, I don't seem to find time to actually make much art!
Anyway, I did manage to add to my small handmade journal and created this page with glittery outlines on the circles - I was quite pleased with my first dabble into creating 'shadow'.
I've entered my piece on the Paperartsy challenge, which is 'glitter' - there is always so much inspiration on their blog, it's really worth a visit.

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Thursday, 18 May 2017

I love ART

I thought I would try and create something for the challenge over at That's Crafty- it involves the art having a predominantly black theme. I have seen this idea copied a lot on blogs - firstly, create a bright picture with lots of interest, then covering most of it up - seems a bit strange, especially when you like the background that you are covering up!
I used a sun-ray stencil that I had made myself.

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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Creativity is Magic

So, after not creating anything for a while, I've managed to have some arty fun twice in a week - all because it rained, forcing me out of the garden again!
This picture was inspired by Nika Rouss over at the Donna Downey website - I love her style of painting, incredibly she seems to use only her fingers and a baby wipe for so many of her paintings and I love her painting style.
Anyway, I used a Jofy flower stamp and am actually really happy with my picture!

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Sunday, 14 May 2017

Sunflowers in Spring

 This page started as a mop up page. I had too much pink paint on my craft mat and so decided to use it up through the circle stencil as a border. Well I loved it...and promptly forgot about it!
Over on the Rubber Dance blog they are holding a challenge to use 3 colours - pink, red and orange - I haven't managed to create any art for a long time - the garden is just too much of a temptation for me at the mo - well, the colours seemed to fit for a sunflower theme....even though it's still spring.... and that border was just so perfect.

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Saturday, 6 May 2017

I Can't Stand The Rain

Just finished this in time for tomorrow's deadline - entering her into the Craft Barn's song challenge. As you can see this time the song is I Can't Stand The Rain.
The rain drops have a shine to them which I haven't managed to pick up in the photo. Still keeping with my own challenge of creating a face each time - my nemesis is always the nose, they are just so difficult to draw, sometimes on a rare moment I am happy but not this time! Never mind, always focus on the positive and I like the flower and the eyelids have a glow to them with the treasure gold. Actually my favourite part is the chin and neck area, I like how I shaded it.

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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Daisy bookmark

Seemed to go a bit crazy with this blue and yellow theme this past fortnight but this bookmark started off as a practise piece - I was testing out different mediums over embossed work to see if the embossing was clearly visible when you added ink and different paint over it.

This piece has white embossed circles from the same Ellen Vargo stamp I used in the previous blog, with a blue distress ink over the top and seemed to work the best.

Added a text stamp in purple and another Ellen Vargo pointy 'squished' oval stamp also. Then I painstakingly painted and cut out lots of daisies - 'Lesley's Flowers' from The Artistic Stamper and glued them on for that added pop. I added treasure gold around the outside but that's not too visible in this photo.

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